Kill Screen DJ, PR/Network/Manager

Kill Screen

DJ, PR/Network/Manager


Show: Bloodbath & Beyond

The best DJ on Mars... or whatever... YOUSORO!


Convention, club, & Twitch DJ. Mixing the freshest sounds you never knew you needed to hear. Tune in on Twitch @

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Shows hosted by Kill Screen

12 AM: Get Rhythm

Saturdays from 11PM

On #GetRhythm @LudivanBeats drops bodacious #Bemani tunes from games like IIDX & DDR mixed eloquently w/ #breakbeats

12 AM: Bloodbath & Beyond

Fridays from 11PM

Ear shattering core music. Mind fucking you with frenchcore, mashcore, speedcore, terrorcore, and whatever else I feel like killing your brain cells with-core.

12 AM: real nozombe hours

Mondays from 12PM