Pearl Grey Content Manager, DJ

Pearl Grey

Content Manager, DJ


Show: Sugar Rush

The world is your baby carrot, cover it in your ranch! Really loves cute things! Likes DnB, Trap, & Hardcore!


Shroo is a DJ that spins and produces Drum & Bass, Trap, UK Hardcore, J-Core, and Drumstep. He's been DJing for the past three years, and producing for two. Shroo injects his mixes with live mashups and keeps the bass pumping, mixing high-energy speedy bangers at a fast rate!

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Shows hosted by Pearl Grey

12 AM: Bubble Tea Time

Saturdays from 6PM

Pearl Grey brings you the sweet tunes, served up in an hour of a live DJ mix. Expect J-core, UK hardcore, Drum & Bass, Trap, Bass House, and Japanese bass & club music, as well as guest mixes!

12 AM: Sugar Rush

Saturdays from 7PM