Dj Tenshin Editor in Chief, DJ (Kawaii Bass)

Dj Tenshin

Editor in Chief, DJ (Kawaii Bass)


Show: Energy Blast!

Dj Tenshin takes kawaii music and grinds it with eggbeaters until it fits in his mix.


Since 2011, DJ Tenshin has been on a crusade to bring bouncy music to events. With careful track selection, he specializes in both creating a stellar atmosphere, and in providing a unique aural experience. Always on the prowl for new music, Tenshin will often play sets of material previously unknown to his audience. Combining this with his precision mixing skills, it's no surprise that this audacious DJ has become favourite to many, Toronto & beyond.

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Shows hosted by Dj Tenshin

12 AM: Energy Blast!

Saturdays from 2AM

Power up with an Energy blast! Featuring Dj Tenshin with the cutest, bubbliest selections. What genre is he playing this month? Tune in to find out!

12 AM: When u kawaii but also kinda hood

Thursdays from 11PM

we got @PantheonSound spinnin up a anime trap set, tune in if you lit