About Us


ToukuFM is a collective of DJs, writers, and producers focused on Japanese Electronica. Featuring artists with all across the dance music spectrum, and from all around the world, our unifying goal is to bring the best in Eastern Dance music to our global community.

Our weapon of choice is our 24/7 radio stream. Packed with curated playlists, regular DJ mixes, and online musical festivals, we aim to constantly deliver new material to you, the listeners.

We're also excited to be rolling out our newest addition to the site: spotlights, articles and coverage about the major happenings in our music scene. Expect articles about the hottest new music releases (from both heavy hitters, and up-and-comers), and learn all about the hottest J-dance events from around the world.

Sound interesting? If you're passionate about Japanese electronic music, we're always down to have new members on the team. If you're a DJ, writer, or otherwise have a unique, relevant, and super-cool skill, you're welcome to contact our members and get involved! Musicians, hit us up too if you want your music included on our playlists, reviewed, or released through us with a special event!

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Submissions and Contact: toukufm@gmail.com


Our Team

Yukiko Toukukawa
Imouto Mascot

Hiii! I'm Yukiko Toukukawa, I love Japanese electronic dance music! I am the station's official imouto!

DJ Tsuneko
Station Owner, Developer, DJ

Don't mess with this squirrel.

Alteran Ancient
Web Admin

Alteran is the developer and designer of the ToukuFM website.

Admin, DJ

Show: Better Sounding
Should probably make a bio someday, eh?

Pearl Grey
Content Manager, DJ

Show: Sugar Rush
The world is your baby carrot, cover it in your ranch! Really loves cute things! Likes DnB, Trap, & Hardcore!

Dj Tenshin
Editor in Chief, DJ (Kawaii Bass)

Show: Energy Blast!
Dj Tenshin takes kawaii music and grinds it with eggbeaters until it fits in his mix.

Kill Screen
DJ, PR/Network/Manager

Show: Bloodbath & Beyond
The best DJ on Mars... or whatever... YOUSORO!

Producer/DJ from Canada I make weeb music

Ace-entric, it's funny because I'm a pilot.


Show: The Inner Beat
UK based Producer/DJ/Developer. Lover of coffee, dank memes and phat bass.

DJ Bakaboykie
DJ, Developer

Show: Beyond the Horizon
Internet DJ, avant-garde meme enthusiast and elder-nerd.

DJ (Kawaii Bass)

Japanese music dance party and convention DJ from Toronto, Canada

Vocaloid Goblin

I listen to vocaloids and watch anime, what more could you want from me?


Show: The Perma-Link
J-Core DJ, Weeaboo, you honestly know the drill. loves anime girls and hardcore music.


Show: Sashimi Rave
Part of the Anime Banger Crew, pretty much mixing all genres I feel like doing. Also a producer.

Sephi Hakubi
DJ (Appointed Recordings)

Show: Weekly Rave Smash
Leader of Hau5 of Hakubi | AnimEDM DJ/Producer Extraordinare

DJminimamuSHARK is Japanese professional school student. Track maker/creator/recording engineer

Show: Rave Trigger
Trance and J-Core DJ. Graphic Designer.

i make kawaii weeb music and eat sushi

big loser

Show: Japanese Rave Smash
anison remix & anison bootleg DJ / Producer resident in Japan UK HARDCORE/J-CORE and more