ToukuFM is more than just a radio station. ToukuFM is an up-and-coming team of DJs, Presenters, Artists and Technical Staff.

Streaming Services

ToukuFM is broadcast from a handful of servers across the world to help balance load. For the best experience, you should select a server that is streaming in OGG, unless you are on a less reliable connection. With the links below, you can set up your favourite media player on your Computer, Phone or Tablet.

ToukuFM - Main Stream

FormatIntended PlatformStream RegionLink
MP3 Normal Quality Desktop Europe Stream
MP3 High Quality Desktop Europe Stream
OGG Vorbis Desktop Europe Stream
AAC+ Mobile Mobile Europe Stream

Chat Services

ToukuFM's listeners, performers and staff reside in a channel using the tried-and true technology of IRC.
Our chat rooms maintain a strict PG-13 policy and are moderated, so please respect this.

Web Chat Client

Works side-by-side with our mini music player. Requires Flash

Using Your Own Client

Tech Savvy? Get connected with your favourite IRC client.

Channel: #toukufm