Pokemon GO Compilation Album

Touku's first compilation!

Posted by Kill Screen on 16th August 2016

Calling all producers and musicians! Touku is hosting our first compilation album and we are looking for the best underground talent to showcase.

Ok, so here's the deal. We, like the rest of the world, are obsessed with Pokemon GO right now. Just like everyone else, we've been busting asses to "catch em' all". The thing is, while we are running around with our Ash Ketchum hats, portable battery chargers, and Pikachu backpacks (basically reveling in the fact we now can be publicly accepted as neckbeard man-children), our Pokemon themed playlists are getting stale.

Now there are tons of great tracks out there inspired by Pokemon, Psychic Types "Pocket Monsters" or Powergloves "Gotta Catch Em All" to name a few, but blast those on repeat 600 times in the hot sun, having shitty 10CP Rattata's breaking out of all your damn Pokeballs, you can see how they might get stale. This is where Touku needs you, PoGO players need you, THE WORLD NEEDS YOU!

What we are looking for? Any genre of music in any style so long as you sample, remix, cover or edit existing Pokemon tunes. Whether it's directly from PoGO, the animated series, or your favorite music from any of the games, just show us something that is unique and top shelf. You can submit your tracks [HERE].

Please have your submissions in before October 30th 12:00am EST. You can submit as many tracks as you like -but- we will only accept up to 2 tracks from each artist. We will release the album on Bandcamp & Soundcloud, for free, and provide links to all participant's social media platforms as well as adding your badass Pokemon music to Touku's ever changing radio playlists.

We can't wait to hear you be the very best, like no one ever was!