The Vault: 24

Music of both old & new.

Posted by Dj Tenshin on 2nd August 2016

I'm always astounded at how music can create atmosphere. Beyond the joy of listening to a good song, music can tap into your sub-conscious and play off of evolutionary mechanisms for fear and comfort.

And that's pretty freakin' cool.

It's no wonder why sound is used so heavily to set a tone for film or television. The presence of a menacing tune can turn an otherwise pleasant scene into a discomforting one- or make something serious downright absurd.

But beyond providing cues for other media, certain albums choose to create an atmosphere for themselves.

GAXEL's 'The Vault: 24' is definitely an album designed with this aesthetic in mind. While the central motif is better felt than explained, the album cover, a cybernetic, half robotic, half organic orb floating above what looks to be a retro-futuristic Miami, provides hints to this album's style.

While the genres of individual songs in this 26 song compilation vary, as a whole, 24 feels part 80's, part r'n'b, and part future bass. It has a feeling of delicate beauty. Much like April showers, or of first love. Expect gentle piano melodies, groovy bass noises, lo-fi drum hits, and sounds reminiscent of chiptunes.

I also keep hearing subtle xylophone hits in every song, but I may just be imagining things.

Compilations driven by a central theme are bound to evoke different feelings from individual listeners. But whatever impression 24 gives you, it'll come from the phenomenal sounds this album provides.