Itano-Circus EP

Deep Space from Kawaii Bass

Posted by Dj Tenshin on 25th September 2016

Being a Japanese Dance Music Site, it was only a matter of time until you'd see one of us reviewing an Anime remix album. The impact Anime has made upon Japanese culture, both locally and overseas, has helped introduce many to J-dance.

Continuing the long tradition of remixes from classic anime is the Itano-circus EP.

A brainchild of ToukuFM's own Epikuro, and Mediterranean dance music specialist, DJ Davide, the album features songs 'Just Communication' & 'Rhythm Emotion' stylistically re-imagined.

With the artists' powers (and music styles) combined, the Itano-Circus EP was born. Digitally released at Comiket: Japan's (and possibly the World's) largest Indie/Fan-produced Anime Marketplace, the EP features Makina remixes of Gundam Wing's biggest singles.

The Itano-circus EP is like a treat out of a time capsule: two tracks lifted from one of the best 90's anime, then made in the style of Spanish Hard Dance from the same era. It's nice to hear a throwback to the classics, and this EP certainly delivers that feeling.

This is the first release from the Kawaii Bass music collective, and is available digitally from Bandcamp in pwyc format.

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Review: Itano-Circus EP

Posted by Dj Tenshin on 25th September 2016